One of the great challenges in this world is knowing enough about a subject to think you're right, but not enough about the subject to know you're wrong - Neil deGrasse Tyson

Who is Michael Ndungu?

Mike is an experienced professional with a strong commitment to adaptive leadership principles. With a diverse background spanning multiple industries and a passion for driving positive change, Mike has emerged as a catalyst for transformation and a trusted guide for individuals and organizations navigating complex challenges.

Throughout his career, Mike has honed his adaptive leadership skills, understanding that traditional leadership approaches may not always suffice in today's rapidly changing world. He possesses a deep appreciation for the importance of resilience, agility, and continuous learning in the face of uncertainty and ambiguity.

Recognizing the need to bolster leadership capacity, Mike has dedicated his efforts to cultivating adaptive work environments and empowering individuals to embrace their leadership potential. Through his mentorship, coaching, and training initiatives, he has equipped countless individuals with the tools and mindset necessary to navigate adaptive challenges and seize opportunities for growth.

As a connector and collaborator, Mike has fostered networks of change agents, bringing together diverse perspectives and harnessing collective intelligence. He understands that collaboration is vital in addressing complex problems, and he actively seeks to bridge gaps, forge partnerships, and mobilize resources for collective action.

Mike's passion for adaptive leadership extends beyond his professional endeavors. He is a tireless advocate for social justice, environmental sustainability, and community empowerment. Whether through volunteering, organizing grassroots initiatives, or leveraging his leadership skills to effect change, Mike consistently demonstrates his commitment to making a positive difference in the world.

With a profound understanding of the transformative power of adaptive leadership, Mike continues to inspire and guide individuals and organizations on their journey towards creating a more inclusive, resilient, and sustainable future. His unwavering dedication to adaptive principles and his ability to mobilize others make him an invaluable asset in today's complex and rapidly evolving landscape.

Michael is a bibliophile and has a library to prove it.


Bachelor of Science in Information Technology, Major in Pure & Applied Sciences and Computer Programming - First Class Honors

Certified Public Accountants Certificates - Part II

RPA Developer Training offered By UIPATH

Data Analytics Trainer by PwC Data Analytics Academy

Data Literacy - Thinking and Communicating with Data  by Kubicle

Understanding Data: Introduction to Data and Databases by Kubicle

PCAP by OpenEDG Python Institute


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